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Dialogue with UP Members, UDMC, Civil Society and Community Leaders

Project Title : Reducing Climate Vulnerability and Protecting Human Rights through Youth Engagement and Community Participation.

Implemented Activities   :

1.6.1 Dialogue with UP Members, UDMC, Civil Society and Community Leaders

District :  Satkhira
Name of Upazila : 
                                          5 Unions 
                                          (Sreeula, Protapnagar, Anulia, Khazra, Baradal)

                                          5 Unions 
                                          (Padmapukur, Burigoalini, Gabura, Munshiganj, Ramjannagar)

Dialogue Session Agenda :

·         Community’s Knowledge about Human Rights

  • Community’s Knowledge about Rights and Human Rights
  • Significance of Human Rights
  • Application of Human Rights with our daily activities

·         Community’s Perception about Human Rights and Basic Rights

  • Relevance of Laws and Constitution with Human Rights
  •  Basic Rights of Citizens of Bangladesh according to the Constitution
  • Ways to Enjoy the Benefits of Basic Rights as a Citizen of Bangladesh

·         Human Rights Violations and Our Responsibilities

  • Reasons behind Human Rights Violation
  • Our Responsibilities during Human Rights Violation

·         Community’s Knowledge about Weather and Climate Change

  • Effects of Climate Change in the Community
  • Effects of Climate Change on the Women and Adolescents

·         Relevance of Human Rights with Climate Change

  • Human Rights Problems and Exigency Due to Climate Change
  • Solutions to Human Rights Problems and Exigency Due to Climate Change
  • Community’s, Government’s, Local Government Institutions’ Roles and Responsibilities to Solve Human Rights Problems and Exigency Due to Climate Change

Achievements :

  • Community leaders and youths presented their problems in front of the local authorities and discussed about possible solutions,
  • UPs assured to implement some of their proposed activities,
  • Union Disaster Management Committee (UDMC) became active after the dialogue session and assured their vital role in future,
  • LGIs and Civil Society gave important suggestions for future activities,
  • Upazila Disaster Management Committee (UPzDMC) became concerned about climate change after the dialogue session and they ensured their role in future,
  • Upazila Members, UPzDMC members, civil society and community leaders distinguished their roles and responsibilities,
  • District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) became more concerned about climate change after the dialogue session,
  • DDMC, NGOs, Civil Society, Govt. officials, media personnel distinguished their responsibilities and assured to play collaborative role in future,
  • Civil Society, govt. officials gave important climate resilient suggestions for future activities to protect human rights.

Action Learning :

  • Dialogue sessions make UDMC, UPzDMC, DDMC etc. responsible authorities more concerned about climate change issues,
  • Active participation of community leaders and duty bearers ensures the best result for the community,
  • Community and marginalized people gets confidence to raise their voice through such dialogue sessions,

Challenges :

  • Scheduling dialogue sessions in busy (December) work schedule of govt. officials,
  • Ensuring participations in dialogue sessions on scheduled time in remote areas,
  • Reluctance of govt. officials as well up members to participate in dialogue sessions due to not getting conveyance/ honourarium,
  • Internal conflict among chairman, members and officials ,
  • Political instability,
  • Time limitation in dialogue sessions,
  • Shot duration of project period.


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